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Penacook School Martial Arts is a premier martial arts school located in Penacook NH.

We offer a variety of martial arts classes that are designed for men, women and children (ages 4 & up)

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Pre Skillz (ages 4 to 6)

Designed by world-renowned Child Development Specialists, this program works with how your child develops physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Our specially trained Instructors will work with your child to help them, using martial arts movement, develop in those 4 key areas to become well rounded!

After 2 FREE Trial classes, only $59 per month! (All trial classes MUST be pre booked after registering!)

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Juniors Program (ages 7 to 13)

Our Juniors program, developed in conjunction with Child Development and Neuroscience Experts, will teach your child skills not only to protect themselves, but to help them grow, within their Stages of Development, in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

Our Staff is highly trained in the education of Child Development and Neuroscience!

After 2 FREE Trial classes, only $139 to $159 per month! (All trial classes MUST be pre booked after registering!)

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Adult/Teen Program (ages 14 +)

Our Adult/Teen program uses science based proven techniques to help our members become healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit.

We use only proven methods to teach life protection and enhancement skills in a friendly, exciting environment.

Our Staff is highly skilled and trained to help you reach your goals!

After 2 Free Trial classes, only $139 to $159 per month! (All trial classes MUST be pre booked after registering!)

Get Started Today! Here's How!

Free Two Class Trials (must pre-book online)

After you register, you will get an email or text to help you get into a class and comfortable with our school. (This will include what to wear to your first class and how to register for your trial and book your classes through our member app/scheduler.)

Get To Know Us!

Once you are signed up for a Trial, we will help you download our Member App (available for free in the App Store/Play Store for your phone/tablet and accessible from any web browser) and set up your access information. Here we will show you how to use your class scheduler, our Online Curriculum Library (where you can see everything your will be learning and can practice at home!) and your Student Success Journal.

Begin Your Journey!

Now you are all signed up for your Trial, you have your Member App Access and you have booked your first class! We will be expecting you and will greet you when you first arrive. A Staff member will guide you step by step where to put your belongings and how to prepare for class! You are part of our Family!

Enjoy The Process!

Now that you are on the mats, we will start with a warm up and stretch. Do not worry if you feel like you have two left feet...everyone starts that way and we don't even notice! After your body is ready, we will dig into the lesson! Each week we work a different part of our curriculum, so each week and class will have some new and exciting things to learn and work on. We focus on the PROCESS...not the outcomes. At PSMA, we believe the journey is more important than the destination!


Get Fit & Burn Calories

Because you will be moving ALOT in class, your body will burn tons of calories (studies show an hour martial arts class can burn up to 700 calories) while training every muscle in your body!


Increase Mobility & Flexibility

Martial Arts pushes your joints and muscles through their full range of motion in functional movements. Although we stretch each class, your body will develop improved mobility, endurance and reduce injuries.


Become Strong & Safe

As you learn the science behind martial arts, you will understand that size really doesn't matter. You will learn to use leverage, balance and body structure to defend yourself from the strongest positions your body has!

Why It Works

Martial Arts is the "hidden secret" of the wellness and health industry! It WILL change your life. Many of the attributes you develop will carry over into every aspect of your life.

   - We focus on overall health...not just weight

   - We are a family environment

   - Our facility has state of the art equipment

   - We provide endless challenges so you will never get bored

   - We offer affordable membership programs. NO CONTRACTS!

   - Our schedule is flexible and we offer private lessons

   - Our children's programs are science based developed by Child Development          Experts

   - Comfortable waiting area, locker rooms/changing rooms

   - 24/7 security camera surveillance for safety

1400 Sq Ft Training Facility

  - 2" Padded Training Mats

  - Multiple Size Training Bags

  - Tons of Other Gear!

Locker Rooms

 - Mens & Womens

 - Individual Lockers

 - Padded Floors

Member Benefits

 - Member App for Mobile

 - Online Manual

 - Online Curriculum Guide

 - Free Water Cooler

 - Individual Storage for           Belongings


PSMA is located in the heart of Penacook NH, in the Thirty Pines Plaza, next to the US Post Office & Asian Taste.

Facility Security

 - Secure Parking

 - 24/7 Video/Audio Recording

Waiting Area

 - Comfortable Bench Seating

 - Climate Controlled

 - Free Water Cooler

Pro Shop

 - Uniforms/Apparel

 - Books/DVDs

 - Training Gear

 - Water Bottles/Accessories

Eco Friendly School

 - Paperless Enrollment

 - Ipad Check In

 - Member App

 - Online Resources

Student Safety is our TOP priority. Our training floor uses 2" thick safety mats

Climate controlled seating area with water cooler, charging stations, pro shop and free parking

Lockers provided for storing personal items.  Restrooms cleaned hourly.

helping you reach your goals is our  number one job!

Top Notch Facility


Locker Rooms

Results Driven

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Free Trial Work?

First you will register for your 2 class FREE trial via our Member App. Next you will book your first class through the Class Scheduler on the App. 

Can My Whole Family Train?

Absolutely! We offer discounts for 2 or more family members! This even includes our Family class!

How Does The Free Trial Work?

We offer a variety of programs from Live In Dojo to Virtual Lessons! We offer discounts for Active Duty Military/Veterans, First Responders and College Students, along with Family Discounts. See our Pricing Options Page.

What Kind of Schedule Do You Offer?

We try to offer a flexible schedule to fit the needs of...well...life! We offer Juniors and Adult Classes Monday thru Thursday, Pre Skillz and Family Class on Saturdays.