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Penacook School Martial Arts is an academy dedicated to teaching people of all ages the deep, rich traditions of the martial arts in a clean, family friendly atmosphere. We are committed to teaching quality martial arts for life protection and enhancement!

 Please look around our site and learn more what sets Penacook School Martial Arts apart from all the others!

We use a world wide accredited child development program called SKILLZ, developed by Child Development Expert Melody Johnson, in our Childrens Programs. This program uses the science of neuroplasticity, neuroscience, child development and psychology to help the child learn within their scientifically proven stages of development.

We are the ONLY school in the Concord/Penacook area trained and skilled in this program!

We use science based, proven methods of teaching and self defense skills in all our programs to help you and yours develop the skills you need to stay safe and get the best success in your life.

Martial arts goes beyond kicking and punching! It is life building skills!

9.00AM - 12.00PM
Proudly A Member of the Following:
PSMA Martial Arts Against Bullying
PSMA Dillman Karate International

-"I have been so very fortunate in my 30 years in the martial arts, in the extremely high caliber of instructors I have been able to train with. Even among those, Matt Brown stands in the top echelon. Every time I train with him, I come away with another "gold nugget." Thank you for all that you do, Matt, and I can't wait for the next time!" - Clifton Bullard


- "I tried a class with a friend and loved it!" - Jessica Hayes


 -"Master Brown is a fantastic martial artist as well as a fantastic teacher. I've had the privilege to train with him in a number of seminars. He is skilled, knowledgeable, and well informed. He also always brings humor and good positive energy to the room. He most certainly is one of kind." - Josh Moree


 "Great program for children of all ages and adults too!" - Dawn Thompson-Davis

15 Village Street, Ste 6, Concord, NH 03303 E-mail: Tel: 603-738-3173

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