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Penacook School Martial Arts

Ryukyu Kempo/JuJitsu/Arnis/BJJ


- 2 " Thick Safety Mats

- Mats Sterilized Daily

- State of the Art Training Bags

- Tons of Training Targets & Other Gear

- Complimentary Member Benefits

- Free Parking

- Free Water/Drinks for Purchase

- Pro Shop

- Uniforms/Apparel

- Reusable Water Bottles

- Books/DVDs

- Novelties

- Clean, Comfortable Locker Rooms

- Secure Lockers for Personal Items

- Maintained Daily

- 24/7 Video/Audio Monitoring

- Secure Personal Storage

- PCI Compliance

- Climate Controlled Viewing Area

- Water Cooler

- Charging Stations

- Paperless Registration

- Online Resources

- Reusable Water Bottle Refills


Penacook School Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching people of all ages the deep, rich traditions of the martial arts in a clean, family friendly atmosphere. We are committed to teaching quality martial arts for life protection and enhancement!

We use scientific, proven methods of teaching, in all our programs, to help you and yours develop the skills you need to stay safe and get the best success in your life. Martial arts goes beyond kicking and punching! It is life building skills!