This Too Shall Pass - Some Motivation Monday

Time. The one thing we waste that we can never get back. You cant earn more time. Once it is is gone!

So why not make the most of it??!!

Many people start a goal, whether it is to lose weight, get a degree, learn a new skill...whatever...and then they discover how long it is going to take to reach it. And they give up...

Why? That time is going to pass anyway! What would you be doing during that time if not working on your goals and dreams?

Why not use that time wisely and efficiently by working towards something worthwhile. Everything that is valuable to us is an investment in ourselves, in our lives. Investments take time and work. They require patience. But in our fast food internet world we expect immediate results and gratification. That, however, is not how it works!

Many people give up on the martial arts, with the goal generally being attaining the rank of Black Belt, because with CONSISTENT training, it takes anywhere from 5 to 12 years to reach that goal, depending on the school or the system. That is too long for most people to wait! Sad!

Dont get so caught up on how long it is going to take to reach your dreams and goals, but instead enjoy the process and all the many valuable lessons that take place during that time. Or simply waste that time doing meaningless things like binge watching, playing video games, partying or whatever else you would do that has nothing to do with making you the best version of you that might be!

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