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What We Do In This Class:

Based on Neuroscience & Child Development experts, children develop in four key areas, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social. We work within these Stages of Development to help your child reach the milestones that they need for optimal growth and brain development.

Our Staff is highly trained in how to teach your child with the framework of how their brains and bodies grow and function. They will employ the use of safe training equipment along with state of the art educational methods to engage your child. 

Some of the areas we will work on are:

 - Improving listening skills & following directions. This age is exploring, trying to understand the "why's" of things. We help them learn to follow directions while helping them to understand how things build upon each other.

  - Learning about respect & why it is important. Children often times learn rules at a specific place, like school or daycare, but need help understanding that those same rules apply in all places. We teach them that it is proper to respect themselves & others.

  - Work on hand eye coordination & mobility. At this age, children are still attempting to understand the limitations of their bodies and how to challenge those. In a safe fun environment, we teach children about how their bodies work and how to develop much needed physical skills.

  - Develop better focus. With a world that has so many things competing for children's attention, learning the foundation of how to focus on a task is more important than ever.

  - Raising self confidence. It has been said that children are born with all the confidence in the world, it is the world that takes it away. We teach children that confidence is intrinsic, that it comes from within, not from other people and the world at large.

 - Improving social skills. In the world of texting and social media, it is becoming more important than ever for our youth to learn social interaction skills

 - Learning important life skills. The skills we teach our children now are the skills they will rely on later in life.

 - Have fun in a safe, exciting and positive environment.

  Just like our other programs, PreSkillz is based on a progressive curriculum designed to build skills upon each other in a consistent manner.  Students will learn that their progression is based on hard work and practice to achieve each goal.

Getting Started

It's easy! Take our 2 FREE Class Trial. Have your son or daughter try our Trial Program.  Our tuition for this program is $59 per month.


Saturdays 11AM to 1130AM

Prepare Your First Class

After you register for your FREE class Trial, you will receive an email with a link to book your first class. You will need to bring with you:

 - Wear light workout clothes (shorts are ok)

  - Wear easily removable shoes (flip flops/crocs/sandals)

  - A Water Bottle (we offer FREE refills)