Easy Ways To Shed Some Weight

July 19, 2017

 Lately it seems like people just want a quick-fix solution to their problems. But quick-fixes only give short term results. Instead of unhealthy fad diets and tons of cardio, why not try something you can easily add to your way of life? 

Maybe try these:


1) Clean out the junk!


Open up that fridge! I bet there are a ton of foods you could do without in there! Hit the pantry closet, see those chips, cookies, pastas, and boxes of bad food?  Clean it up. Throw away all the unnecessary junk food, processed food, and fattening leftovers. Replace these “objects of desire” with healthier choices and you’ll be more likely to make better food choices.


2) What how much you put on your plate


Learn how to use your eyes to help keep the portions under control. A cup of veggies or starches is a cupped hand. A portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards or your palm. Counting calories and macros may be too complicated for most people.  Make sure that most of your plate is filled with fiber and vitamin rich greens along with lean proteins.


3) Get rid of those bad unhealthy habits, one at a time!


 Making a small change, like deciding to have a treat only once a day could have a huge impact. Use healthy rewards for when you have a victory. Make gradual changes to your lifestyle, which will eventually develop into habits!


4) Put down those chips/cookies!


Don't eat mindlessly! No bags of snacks during Game of Thrones binges. Instead of snacking on junk, have healthy snacks on hand. Having a healthy snack nearby will help you avoid making unhealthy choices simply because they are easy.


5) Eat at home more


 For the most part, almost every office is a deli, fast-food joint, or gourmet restaurant ready to satisfy your cravings but you have little control over what is in your food or how much you get. Odds are, your favorite item on the menu isn’t exactly healthy friendly.  Cooking at home allows you to control what is in your food and how much.


6) Find ways to add activity to your day!


 Life is busy and hectic. Many people struggle to fit in their workouts. There are all kinds of ways to spread your workout in over the course of the day. Maybe walk or take public transportation to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or even do a few sets while you’re watching TV during those useless commercial breaks. 


7) Get good zzzz's


A study from the University of Chicago found not having a good night’s sleep could make you “metabolically groggy”. Insufficient sleep affects your body’s ability to process insulin, a hormone needed by the body to turn sugar, starch, and other food into energy. When you haven’t had enough sleep, your body will have trouble processing fat from your bloodstream and instead store it as body fat.