If You Fall Down, Get Back Up!

July 27, 2017


Nana Korobi Ya Oki
If you fall down seven, get up eight


This is the most famous saying of Daruma Daishi, who was a famous Zen Master.

    We learn from this saying that no matter how many times you fall down, you must get up one more time. Even if you fall down one hundred times, you must get up one hundred and one times. Sometimes you may get up quickly while at times it may be very difficult to get up at all but you MUST get up! It seems to me in today's world that this attitude is fading in many ways and we may be to blame. Each and everyday I see or hear stories of people, young and old, just giving up. I see kids everyday quitting all sorts of things whether it be sports, scouts, music instruments or martial arts. The reasons are many from it is too hard to it is too boring. How are we to teach them commitment, follow-through and this never quit spirit if we just let them quit all the time? Especially an activity that will help develop, enhance and benefit its participant.

    By sincere and hard effort we instill an attitude of "non-quitting". This attitude carries over into every aspect of our daily lives. When hardships arise and we feel compelled to give up, it will be this spirit and the training that forged it that will guide us through to success.

    We are not perfect. We are only human and we all make mistakes. We have to learn from those mistakes, grow and become more mature day by day. We should always strive to make tomorrow better than today! However we also should not be so afraid of making a mistake that it prevents us from even trying.

     We often find that the lessons we learn in adversity are the lessons that teach us the most and serve to strengthen our mind, spirit and resolve. It is through hardship that we truly learn what we are capable of.

    The martial arts dojo is the perfect place for people of all ages to develop this spirit. It is a place where we can make mistakes, without the fear of judgment, where Instructors who care and are their to guide us through these mistakes and on to success and to help us learn from these lessons. It is a place where an extended family is there to laugh, cry, sweat, celebrate, grieve and encourage each and every person to help them become the best they can become. It is a place where, through sincere training, we can reach and extend our limits beyond our wildest imagination. It is a place where you can fall down seven times, learn, love and be supported to get up eight!

Train Hard, Inspire Others and Live Life to the Fullest!