Progress Vs Perfection / Monday Motivation

July 31, 2017


    So many activities focus on the pursuit of perfection even though it is an almost universal consensus that perfection cannot truly be attained.

    Often we see people give up or not even begin on a task, dream, goal or venture simply because they become paralyzed on the pursuit of perfection and not on the simple progress that they are making or could make in the process.

    The common saying is that it is "not the destination, but the journey" that is the most important and that is truth in so many aspects. The destination or the goal, helps guide us as to why we need to establish a process in the first place. We almost always start a trip with a place to go in mind, then we map out how to get there. Without all of this, we would just wander aimlessly...which many of us do!

    The problem comes when we become so focused on getting to the destination that we miss all the important changes that are happening while we are getting there! All too often, on a road trip to some place, we have all fallen asleep and never seen all the amazing sights that are on the way to the place we are going. We get to our final stop and have a less than amazing time, knowing little that there were some really awesome places that we missed along the way.

    In the martial arts and fitness, people get lost in the goal, whether it is to reach a high level belt or lose a specific numbers of pounds...whatever the goal. They get discouraged and quit, a lot, because that end destination can be daunting, full of ups and downs, setbacks and disappointments or injuries. When if they had focused on the process, they would see that they are making endless victories and improvements. They would discover that every aspect of themselves is changing, for better or worse, and that if they focused on the progress, they could have made micro adjustments that would have led to faster gains and results.