The Benefits Martial Arts Has Over Your Regular Gym

April 18, 2018

Every year on December 31st, millions prepare resolutions for the coming year to achieve certain fitness goals. In the New Year, hordes of people line up outside gyms across the country, determined to achieve their fitness goals. However, the monotony of going to a regular gym begins to set in and people start losing interest quickly, leading to empty gyms several weeks later.


Why does this happen? Most people wish for an alternative to the regular gym. 


Martial arts is the obvious better choice! It's a complete full body workout for people of all walks of life, with known advantages over regular exercising. Lets look into why martial arts is as better than a regular gym:


1)  Real World Life Skills:

Regular exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals, and maybe, improve your overall confidence. However, martial arts prepares you for various mental and physical challenges in your life.


Self defense is a very necessary skill one should learn. In some extreme cases it can even be the difference between life and death. Martial arts also teaches skills like conflict resolution, anger management, dealing with frustration, positive mindset and many other important day to day skills.

No matter how good you get at martial arts, there is always room for improvement in some area that drives you to push yourself even more.


2) Relationships are often built:

Most gym workouts are individual, even group workouts. On the other hand, martial arts requires hands on with training partners to truly become proficient. People end up making lifelong friends as they grow and learn a new skills together. Training with others that share a similar goal will help you achieve your goals as you motivate each other. Seeing your peers improve and progress in rank will drive you as well.


Martial arts builds bonds quickly. Each and every class you are often putting your safety and improvement in the hands of a person you just met. This trust is given freely and quickly. You learn that a good partner can take you to new levels in your training.



3) Provides variety

The main reason why most people are not consistent with regular exercise is that it eventually becomes a very repetitive activity with little variation. It is very common for people to give up within months, as they do not enjoy the workouts, it starts feeling like a chore. You MUST enjoy your exercise or you won't do it, plain and simple.


Martial arts provides variation with a vast array of exercises based on a progressive growth chart. Depending on the skills to be learned in each class, the workouts vary often in each specific class. Hitting pads and bags, grappling and sparring, working on self defense concepts and techniques are just examples of some great stress-relieving, fun activities involved very diverse training. Every single day there is new skills to master.


 4) An all-in-one full-body workout

With the wide range of motions, along with the new techniques to learn, your body will hit every single muscle of the body at once. This leads to rapid lean muscle growth.


Martial arts allow you to burn calories faster than regular exercise (often up to 1000 calories an hour). It helps to improve your immune system, your endurance, boosts your cardiovascular health and increased blood flow, vital to your internal health.


5) Personal Growth

In a martial arts class, an experienced instructor will help encourage and push you to improve. They will gently push you out of your comfort zone and help you challenge yourself.