Every Students Worst Enemy

May 1, 2018



Every Student’s Worst Enemy

On our quest for self-improvement, accomplishing our goals is of utmost importance. We want nothing to stand in the way of achieving these goals and proving to ourselves and others that we are capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves.
Everyone knows the path to success is never straightforward. We will encounter many obstacles that might prevent us from reaching our goals. The biggest roadblock we face is our ego, and learning how to conquer it.

Here are some examples that show that you probably need to keep your ego in check:

  • You think you are the best in class.

  • During grappling you dont tap, no matter what.

  • You think you know more than your teacher.

  • You get angry.

  • You keep track of your wins.

  • You resist your partners more than you should, trying to mess them up.

  • You ask for rank.

In training martial arts, your ego will constantly take a beating. There will always be challenging people in the dojo. Someone who has been training for years should be willing to accept defeat, learn from it, and move on. It is hard for anyone to admit that they’ve lost or bad at a certain technique.

Here are some ways to deal with this:

1.) Remember why you started:

Your ego is focused on only rewards. We should be focused on learning from our mistakes. Bring your focus on about why you started martial arts. Did you start to lose weight? Learn Self Defense? Challenge yourself? The more you look at what inspired you to start, the less pressure you will have from your ego.

2) Don't be overly critical:

When we let our ego be in control, it expects rewards. When we have minor failures, we start to criticize ourselves, and sometimes, give up completely. Don't be so hard on yourself and enjoy your training, regardless of successes or failures. It is all about the journey and learning from your experiences – to be human means to make mistakes!

3) Focus on the training:

Refrain from comparing yourself to others. Thinking about your peers achievements could cause you to lose track of your goals. We start focusing on the feeling of being inferior and not meeting our potential. 
You should look deep within and ignore your ego . If we focus all our energy into crushing our goals, we’ll be productive and successful!

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