5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Focus

September 1, 2018


In the world today, with all the texts, videos, emails and constant barrage of technology, it has become almost impossible to maintain focus and concentrate on the things we have to do in our everyday lives. All the "noise" that surrounds us, takes our attention away from that which truly deserves of our time.
Imagine just how much more we can get done if we can learn to tune out the noise and the distractions. We try to do many things to keep focused, such as make lists, reorder priorities.
It can be pretty frustrating, dealing with so many things at once. There are many different ways to improve your focus. Here are some really easy things you can try:

1) Martial Arts Training or Exercise
Exercise is proven to be one of the best ways to enhance mental capacity and concentration. The great thing about martial arts training is that it is a physical activity and an amazing way to enhance the mind and body.
Martial arts builds muscle, improves breathing, focusing on paying attention to detail. Regardless of the style we practice, developing proper technique is a must. In doing this, we actually directly enhance our focus because this synchronizes our mind and body.
2) Pull The Plug, Daily
We are so connected to our digital lives. We are always browsing the internet, watching videos, and spending way too much time on Facebook. We are also constantly on our mobile phones.
Strive to give yourself at least 30 minutes of digital free time each and every day. Get outside, take a walk, or find a quiet place away from the noise.
If you can manage more than 30 minutes to clear your mind,you will greatly enhance your focus and will reinvigorate and reenergize.
3) Take A Break To Tackle An Issue
Instead of succumbing to distraction, embrace it. Get right to it. Sometimes our distractions can be just what we need to take our mind off stress and work. Taking time off from stress and work means we replenish our mental energy, which significantly improves our focus.
4) Find Your Quiet Place
If you really can’t get away from your work life, find a quiet place to work. A place where you can maintain focus and rid yourself of every distraction. Enjoy your breaks and lunch hour.  When on a break, be completely on break. Don’t take any calls or open up your laptop.
All it takes to improve our focus is peace and quiet. When your mind is clear, free from distraction, we can focus on whatever it is we need to accomplish, increasing efficiency and productivity.
5) Get Your Zzzz's
The inability to maintain focus and concentration is directly related to the amount of sleep we get. It can’t be stressed enough, but try to get as much sleep as you can every night.
Our bodies need rest, it’s basic science and nature. Six to eight hours is ideal for the average adult. Anything less than that and it will affect our daily performance.