Are You Ruining Your Fitness?

June 13, 2019


Just because you have decided to get in shape or lose weight doesn’t always mean you get the results you want. Fitness actually takes a lot more than exercising and eating healthy foods. We all have  bad habits that led to being out of shape in the first place.


If you are doing any of the following bad habits, you are going to struggle to see any results.


1) Not Getting In Your "Zzzz's"


You body grows and repairs itself while you sleep! Not getting enough sleep at night makes it harder for your body to process carbohydrates,raises insulin and blood sugar levels which leads to increased fat storage. Besides leaving you tired throughout the day,you are more likely to have poor judgment and choose sugary foods for the quick burst of energy over healthier ones.


Try these steps to get good rest:

  • Try going to bed earlier. Get up at the same time every day. If you need more sleep, go to bed earlier.

  • Exercise.

  • Strive for at least 7 hours of sleep each night

  • Try to decompress before bed. Turn off devices. Read a book.


2) Learn To Chill


Stress makes your body starts secreting cortisol.The problem is; if your body secretes excess cortisol, this increases your glucose production,converts it into fat and stores fat along your waistline.


Try these hacks to de-stress:

  • Learn how to manage stress! Learn meditation. Discover calming breathing exercises

  • Purge from your life the causes of your stress, if you can

  • Exercise!

  • Download apps like Calm or Headspace


3) Say NO to Junk Foods


We are bombarded with all sorts of processed foods loaded with all sorts of chemicals and pesticides. Your liver has to work twice as hard to remove all the toxins.Your liver is one of the toughest organs in your body, so it can handle the extra work, but at a cost. It can't efficiently do its other jobs, like regulating your metabolism. 


You can make better choices with these tips:

  • Try to eat foods that are fresh. Make your own snacks and meals from them

  • Choose more organic sources

  • Try to eat at home, making your own meals


4) Consuming too much alcohol


Some alcohol, in moderation, can be beneficial to your health, but there are also risks associated with overdoing it. Many alcoholic drinks, like beer and wine, are loaded with calories. Matter of fact, alcohol has more calories than proteins or carbohydrates when compared in equal amounts. To make things worse, alcohol also reduces your blood sugar levels, making you hungry. 


You can undo this bad habit by:

  • Drink in moderation

  • Stay away from places where alcohol is served


5) Missing meals


You would think eating less always leads to weight loss, that’s not really true. It can cause your body to slow down your metabolism. That’s because it thinks you’re starving and goes into survival mode


Try this instead:

  • Eat meals spread out.

  • Eat foods that make you feel fuller


6) Stay hydrated


Water! There would be no of life, as we know it, without it and the human body is made up of mostly water. It’s impossible to overstate how important it to drink adequate amounts of water daily. Being well-hydrated is essential for optimal performance.

It detoxifies your body. It contains no calories and helps to fill you up during meals. 


You can break this habit by:

  • Get a refillable water bottle

  • Track your intake, either with an app or lines on a clear water bottles

  • Avoid diet sodas

  • Add fruit to infuse flavor