October is National Bully Prevention Month

October 1, 2019

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!!⁠

We here at PSMA take preventing bullying VERY seriously!!!⁠

So serious that we have spent over a decade studying, researching and learning about how to prevent bullying, speaking at school about how they can prevent it and even partnering with several Governors of NH to form committees and boards to deal with the issue!⁠

Every student at PSMA learns WHAT bullying is, HOW to recognize it, WHO to go to when it happens and WHEN to take action!⁠

We teach how to de-escalate a bullying incident, how to use verbal "jujitsu" to deflect it and how to handle and control a bully, if need be, physically, so that they can "negotiate" with the bullying to stop it.⁠

If you, your child or someone you know needs help with a bullying incident or situation, please contact us! We ARE the BEST option to help! Our link is in the bio. We can help.⁠

This month we will be sharing here, on our FB page and on our website blog page, tons of information from resources about this topic. Message us or comment below and we will send you a FREE Ebook on Bully Prevention!⁠


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