Our Team

Our Instructors at PSMA are highly trained, experienced Martial Artists. This enables us to create the BEST possible learning environment!

They are also trained in Child Development, Neuroscience/Neuroplasticity, Exercise Science and more!

Our team is the friendliest, most positive coaches you can have for your or your child. Your growth and learning is their most important goal! Whatever your reasons for studying martial arts, our Instructors are here to guide you and help you the best they can!

Meet The Team

Kancho Matt Brown

10th Degree Black Belt

Director Of PSMA


Sensei Justis Brown

4th Degree Black Belt

Head Instructor

Childrens Programs


Sensei Dana Perreault

3rd Degree Black Belt

Lead Instructor


Sensei Kevin Bastarache

3rd Degree Black Belt

Lead Instructor