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Whether you are following the Stay At Home orders, still feel uncertain about joining a public gym or martial arts school or are limited by time, distance or other issues, we are here to HELP!

During this time, with the Covid 19 pandemic, we all need the things that martial arts training can provide! Maybe it is getting the kids off of Fortnite or social media. Maybe you've gained a few pounds during quarantine and need to tighten up. Maybe you need some stress relief or the kids need to burn off some excess energy...

Our NEW Virtual Dojo can help! For only $49 per month (cancel at ANY time) you will get the following:

  • UNLIMITED Live Virtual Lessons via Zoom

  • FREE access to our Online Video Curriculum Library

  • FREE Student Success Journal/Handbook

  • Starter Package delivered to your home (includes uniform, white belt, info sheet, access info)

Our lessons are age specific, taught by professional instructors who are invested in your success! These lessons can be accessed via any smartphone, tablet or computer!

You will also be able to, for a small fee, book virtual private lessons, stripe assessments and belt tests! Yes, you can earn belts! (Once you can demonstrate your required material and have sufficient time at each belt, we will test you and if you pass, we will send you your new belt and certificate!)

If this sounds like a great deal for you or your child, simply click on the button below for either yourself or your child, register through our member app and get started right away!